Gio’ Pomodoro

The ’Istituto Comprensivo “Gio’ Pomodoro” di Orciano di Pesaro is located in a rural upland environment on the southern border of the Marche region.

There are four communities: Orciano di PS-Mondavio-Barchi-S.Giorgio di PS.

There are 7 nursery schools, 6 primary schools and 2 secondary schools

They are all public schools. There are more then 700 pupils and …a lot of teachers.

Economically the area served by the school is relatively prosperous. There are various opportunities for social and cultural interaction within a range of cultural, sporting and voluntary organisations. Whilst the area is relatively stable and peaceful.

The school has some pupils from non-native Italian backgrounds – and also some pupils with learning difficulties – including physical disabilities.

The school responds to the needs of these pupils through a number of preventative projects: (Progetto “Psicopedagogico”, Progetto “Il bene comune”, Progetto “Ascoltar-si”, Progetto “Intercultura”, Progetto “Ambiente”…).

The project will encourage teachers, children and parents to take a more involved role within their own learning, taking into account the whole of their school community to help them develop links with ‘our friends’ in Europe.

The Comenius School Partnership Project is an excellent opportunity for our staff and children to learn the best practice of other institutions, implement the experienced practice and join in the international circulation of exchanging ideas, so that our children will also have the chance to have an outlook on life in our global world.

Participation in Project will enable our school:

To organise contacts between our children and foreign children

To involve the children, teachers and community in the process of active cooperation with each other and partner schools.

To raise the children’s interest in studying and understanding of the daily lifestyles and cultures of our European partners, making comparisons with countries across Europe.

To encourage teachers to pay attention to the new experience benefits and importance of keeping improving their teacher’s skills, programmes according nowadays requests.